For over 16 years Joey Pang has followed her passion for tattooing across all forms of body art. Her work is dedicated to capturing a more authentic portrayal of Chinese culture through the utilization of a medium where none had existed before.


Joey is credited as having invented brush techniques in tattooing, she is the world's first and only professional Chinese calligraphy as well as an Asian painting tattoo artist. Her formal training also extends to multi-media design, interior design, photography, and jewelry design, undergoing eclectic studies in Chinese calligraphy, Chinese medical theory, and Chi Kung. In 2014 Joey was one of three representatives selected in the Heineken 'Uncage' campaign, promoting her work and ideology across 17 countries.


European acceptance of tattooing as a practice enabled Joey to work on establishing a new space, forging a cultural bridge between Eastern and Western aesthetic acclaim. Without relegating or constraining compositions to static canvases she hopes to reach an entirely new category of patrons previously unaware of genuine Chinese artistic traditions. Equally, despite historically being consigned to underground or subculture associations, the implementation of traditionally venerated techniques presents body art as containing a capacity to exhibit legitimate artistry. She strives to share her passion both for authentic Chinese art and tattooing in the face of long-established, deeply rooted prejudices and misconceptions.


With an exclusive depth and range of interpretations, captured through palpable technical proficiency, Joey holds her artistic development in modern painting as uniquely enabling the promotion of Chinese culture toward a new global